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Permanent Makeup Frequently Asked Questions

How long does "Permanent" Makeup Last?


Permanent makeup is considered permanent in the sense that it does not wash off. There are many factors that determine how long your permanent cosmetics will last. Genetics, sun exposure, and skincare are all major factors. Typically it is recommended to have touchups every 12-24 months to keep your permanent cosmetics looking their best. 

How long does the healing process take?


Immediately after your procedure, you will have some swelling and redness, should subside withing 1-2 days. The pigments will appear darker than the final color. Every person heals differently but typically flaking starts around 4-6 days and lasts about 2 days. Topically all scabbing will be gone in 7-10 days. 

It takes a full 60 days for the pigment to settle and see a final results.  Sometimes there are light spots or spots that may need a minor touchup. Those touchups are an additional $50 tray fee and can occur a minimum of 8 weeks after the initial session. 

Why do I need touchups?


There are several reasons why permanent cosmetics requires multiple sessions and touchups. 


The depth at which the pigment is implanted. Permanent cosmetic pigments are implanted into the upper layers of the dermis versus typical tattooing is implanted into the mid to lower layers of the dermis. This means a bit more of the pigment is lost in the healing process, as well as any pigment that was sitting on top of your skin in the epidermis is shed during the flaking.

Due to the shallow depth, over time it is pushed out of the skin more easily through natural cellular turnover. 

On the upside pigments placed at a shallow depth tend to stay crisp and look more natural than ones placed at a deeper level.


The amount of pigment placed in your skin. Less pigment in the skin will achieve a softer more natural look than a dense solid brow. Less pigment means they will fade quicker. 


I like this video to help understand traditional tattooing

Am I a good candidate for permanent cosmetics? 


Clients from 18-108 are all good candidates! It's a great option for people with active lifestyles who do not want to worry about sweating off their makeup and reapplying. Those with vision difficulties and cannot see to apply cosmetics, or those with mobility limitations such as a arthritis or Parkinsons who may not be able to apply their makeup. 


If you have certain health conditions or on certain medications, permanent cosmetics may not be for you. 

- Disorders that limit your healing abilities

- Pregnancy 

-Taking blood thinners 

- Chemotherapy

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